The Taungurung Language Program initially employed Bill Nicholson Jr as the Project Officer who gathered the language of Taungurung people. Further there was a period whereby Gary Hansen was in the position temporarily for a six month period. The program did not have a person in the position for some time until Judy Monk commenced employment in March 2004 as the Project Officer.

The project has a proactive Steering Committee, which is drawn from the Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation. The Steering Committee meet on a regular basis and they have set in place recommendations for the language program.

Initially any language which has been gathered is for Taungurung people:

Investigate funding agencies for the purpose of development of a teaching component for passing on language.

Develop education tools for the purpose of Taungurung people to revive their language.

There are two primary projects that the program is currently undertaking:
  1. The development of a language book which includes the following which has translations into language:
    Fauna & Flora
    Tools & Utensils
    Creation Stories
    Rivers & Place names
  2. Development of Educational Tools for use by students.
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